Arthure, Painter artist and sculptor in Langres (France)

Painter artist and sculptor in Langres (France)

Welcome to Arthure's Website, modern painter and sculptor living in Langres. Discover his works (paintings and sculptures) in his gallery.


    • sponsoring ERM Paris 8
    • a big success, all critics were laudatory
      Arthure says: “I was sharing very intense moments with customers and it was a significant emotion for me.
    • Arthure,with Jean Paul Gossin, receive Mr The Ambassador from Equator
    • Event in Dijon Entreprissimo’s salon November 25th, 2009
    • Working in a company is to provide a collective effort which reward will be beneficial to everyone’s better wellbeing. Work in the arts, is to provide a solitary effort, which result, apart from personal satisfaction, can be seen in the eyes of others. Former worker, this social action seems to me more than evident. Absorbed by my full time passion for art for the last 31 years, I’m convinced that contemporary painting in particular, with all of its suggestion of symbols, where nothing is imposed, where everyone can escape and interpret dreams through shapes and colours, is available to all sensibilities.

      My personal quest goes through the meeting of human kind, shared with the other one wherever he is. Try to open him some doors on a more informal dimension of beauty, to establish a bridge between daily reality and the escape to timeless art form, it is for me to meet at another level : Shorten the distance between the differences of any kind.Take a step towards tolerance that recognizes the value of each of us. Arthure