Arthure, Painter artist and sculptor in Langres (France)

Painter artist and sculptor in Langres (France)

Welcome to Arthure's Website, modern painter and sculptor living in Langres. Discover his works (paintings and sculptures) in his gallery.


The castel from Valgenceuse Senlis, near from Paris, open the doors for 25 monumental sculpturs, in the garden drawing by Le Nôtre, and an exhibition  in the Orangerie. It's like a dream to see my work who is an homage to the earth in a so beautifull garden, around trees from a cup of centuries years. 

Bruges exhibition, the Venice of the Belgium’s North, had been for me a milestone in my career for three main reasons: Because of the amazing room size (about 1000m2) which needs a lot of large creations to fill this prestigious monument. . Cover it represent a selection of 150 pictures and 60 sculptures from four years of work to furbish this monument. With more than 500 clients in Belgium, this room has a unique emplacement in this country. It’s in the fabulous market place, which welcomes 4 million tourists every year. I received more than 28,000 visitors from all over the world. The contact with such a heterogeneous and multicultural public really touched me. All critics were laudatory, I felt that my work was the way I’ve always wanted it to be. I was sharing very intense moments with customers and it was a significant emotion for me. Projects following this event are just like the previous success. . So after a short holiday, I’ve been back to work in the privacy of my two workshops, full of ideas and my artistic motivation on the top of it.

Bruges beffroi 18000 visitors 120 paintings 45 sculptures